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New Waste and Recycling Rules

Based on the fact that an estimated 80% of the household waste we produce is recyclable, New Rules are now in force which aim to increase recycling rates across RCT.

On June 4 2018, new rules came in to force that mean:

  • The number of black bag/wheelie bin waste we will collect has now been limited, to ensure people are recycling all they can.

View the new black bag/bin limit page

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  • Recycling, nappy recycling, food waste recycling and garden waste recycling*  will remain unlimited and will be collected every week - Find out more about the recycling services.
  • *During winter when demand is low, garden waste collections will be fortnightly between November 1 and March 1.
  • Those who are clearly not recycling properly will now be identified and officers will be speaking to them to ensure they have the information and tools (caddies, bags etc) they need to recycle properly. Continued failure to recycle will mean warnings, instructions and, ultimately enforcement, including a £100 fine.

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