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Food Recycling

In RCT over 39% of weekly household waste contains food waste*
You can request a food waste bin or caddy online.

Did you know that by POWERing UP your food waste and recycling just one caddy you could generate enough electricity to power a fridge for 18 hours – That’ll keep the drinks chilled this summer!

Please don't put plastic bread packaging in your food waste bin and only use Council issued food waste recycling bags as they are biodegradable.

Plastic bread bags and other soft plastics can be recycled in your local supermarket - find out more here.

You will have two food caddies:

  • a small caddy (kitchen caddy) to keep in your kitchen – line your kitchen caddy with the food waste bags provided by the Council. Once full these bags should be placed into the food waste bin (large caddy)
  • a large caddy (food waste bin) to store outside – the food waste bin should only contain the food waste bags . The bin is lockable to prevent it being opened by animals and should be placed at your bin collection points on collection day.

Find out How to line your food waste caddy?

Please DON’T use CLEAR recycling bags for your food waste or put them into your food waste caddy.

This WON’T be collected as it will contaminate other recycling. 

Need more food waste bags?

Food waste recycling bags are available for collection from the following locations
These bags should only be used for their stated purpose.  Please note that there is a strict limit of 2 rolls of each bag per visitor to prevent the distribution point from running out of bags in between deliveries.  Food waste recycling bags are no longer available to order online:

Please note: food waste bags are made from a corn-starch material and therefore will not last as long as a plastic bag.  They will naturally start to biodegrade (weaken) the longer that they are stored, for this reason please do not overstock your household. If you have food waste bags that have been stored for an extended period, these bags are likely to be brittle and more likely to tear and split, especially if they are being overfilled. Distribution points are continuously being stocked with new, improved and strengthened, biodegradable bags. Residents are advised to use these new bags where possible.   

These bin(s) can be used to recycle the following food items:

Sample Table
Fruit Bones


Dairy products
Mouldy or stale bread Rice
Teabags Pasta
Egg shells Leftover Food
Meat and fish Cereal
Pet food  
As a rule, if you eat it then you can place it in to Bryn Bin - your food waste recycling caddy!

Please note that loose food not placed in a food waste bag, will not be collected.

Your food waste will be collected on your  weekly recycling and waste collection day.


Benefits of Recycling Food Waste

  • Save money! If you only buy the food you need, you will spend less at the supermarket. Your food waste recycling is contained in just one bin so you can clearly see the amount of food you are wasting and reduce shopping accordingly.
  • Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill resulting in the reduction of landfill gasses distributed into the environment. 
  • Create "green energy". Recycled food waste can be converted into beneficial compost and energy.

What happens to your food waste recycling?

What can I recycle and where?

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