Council tax discounts, exemptions and reductions

If you are aged 18 or over and live alone, you can apply for a 25% discount.
Your bill may be reduced if you or a someone living at your property is permanently disabled.
You may be exempt or eligible for discount if you or someone in your home is a Student.
Do you think you property is exempt from council tax? View the criteria for properties exempt from council tax charges.
You may be entitled to a discount if you occupy a dwelling provided by your employer.
If you are on a low income you could get help you with your council tax.

If you or another person in your household suffers with a severe mental impairment, you may be exempt or eligible for a discount.

View details about  Council Tax Discretionary Relief
View information about Council tax premiums for long term empty properties and second homes in RCT

The Welsh Government also wish to make you aware of any entitlement you may have for a reduction in your council tax charge and these can be accessed at