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Council tax discount - Job related

If you have to live in a property provided by your employer, you could receive a 50% discount on its Council Tax.

This applies where the taxpayer has to occupy an employer's property as a term of their employment.

Proof needed to apply for such a discount is:

  • That you are liable for council tax at another property
  • That your employer has provided the property you are claiming a discount for
  • That your contract of employment requires you to live in that property

Apply for a council tax discount or exemption online

Apply for a job related discount online
If you would like to cancel your job related discount please complete the Council Tax - Cancel Discounts or Exemptions form

Please note: You must continue to pay your current Council Tax bill/s until the outcome of your application has been decided. If this is causing problems, visit the Difficulties Paying Your Bill page.

Cancel a job related discount online

You must inform the Council of any chances to your living arrangements, personal circumstances, financial or income situation, which could have an effect on your entitlement to Council Tax discount. 

Please write to:

Council Tax

Oldway House
CF39 9ST

Telephone: 01443 425002
Minicom: 01443 680708