Reilly Morgan - Apprentice Site Supervisor

Name: Reilly Morgan 

Year started the apprenticeship: 2021

Current Position: Apprentice Site Supervisor

What did you do before starting the apprenticeship?

I worked in a few places and completed 3 years in college

Why did you apply for the apprenticeship scheme?

I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity for myself and I can with certainty say it has been.

What development have you had since being with RCT?

I have had lots of development opportunities whilst working in RCT Council. My leadership skills and office ICT skills have been greatly improved along with my confidence.

What were the highlights?

The highlights for me as an apprentice have been meeting new people and the opportunity to learn a new role.

Describe your apprenticeship experience in 3 words

Exciting – Challenging - Learning.

Recommendations to Applicants:

I would encourage anyone thinking of becoming an apprentice for RCT to grab the opportunity as you will not be disappointed