Danielle Day Jones - Apprentice Finance Assistant

Name: Danielle Day Jones

Year Started (Apprenticeship): September 2021

Current Position: Apprentice Finance Assistant (Revenues/Council Tax)    

What did you do before starting the apprenticeship?

Before starting this apprenticeship, I was working full time in a nursery. I enjoyed my role as a Lead Educarer but couldn’t see myself progressing as I would have liked to. I then went on maternity leave and had a beautiful baby girl, I took a year off to spend as much time with her as possible. I knew I wanted more for her and I wanted to progress into a career that I loved and could work around my family. I knew the RCT Apprenticeship roles were coming out and knew I had to try my hardest to secure one as I really wanted it!

Why did you apply for the scheme?

I knew a few people who had found a career through the RCT Apprenticeship programme so thought I’d give it a go. I have always loved to learn as I work, as I did previously when working in a nursery, I was always completing qualifications and courses so I could better my knowledge and understanding. The thought of working whilst learning and earning really appealed to me and I am so glad I took the jump and change my career.

What development have you had since being with RCT?

Since starting the apprenticeship 8 months ago, I have been completing a level 3 QCF in Business Administration. I have learnt so much already, not only through the course work but through my supervisors, managers and other colleagues who have all helped me every day. I am literally learning something new every day which I love.

What were the highlights?

I have really enjoyed my apprenticeship so far and enjoyed completing the work every month. As I am working from home some of the time, the job has allowed me to be flexible which has benefited family life. The more I have learnt the more responsibilities I have been given which make you feel like you’re doing a good job.

Recommendations to Applicants:

I would definitely recommend applying for an apprenticeship within RCT council, I have told people I know it’s the best decision I have ever made and they too are either applying or thinking of applying. I think it’s a great opportunity, I thought I’d never have time for a full-time job and course work alongside having a toddler but went for it anyway. I’m enjoying it so much it makes working so much easier.  I look forward to what the rest of the 2 years will bring.