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Other Telecare care equipment

The equipment below is non-specific to people with memory or mobility problems and could help a number of vulnerable people.

You will need an assessment to access this type of equipment.

All of this equipment can be linked to our 24 hour Lifeline monitoring centre.

Other Telecare Equipment
Bogus Caller Button This alarm provides reassurance to vulnerable people living alone in the event of an unexpected caller.  It is also ideal for individuals in a domestic violence situation or people suffering hate crime.
Carbon Monoxide Detector (CO) Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced when domestic fuels such as gas, coal, wood and charcoal are burned without sufficient ventilation. This sensor alerts to a build up of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the
Enuresis sensor This sensor provides a discreet and efficient means to detect bed-wetting as it occurs.
Epilepsy sensor This sensor monitors a person with epilepsy while they sleep to provide an early alert should a seizure occur.
Smoke and Heat

Smoke detectors can be placed within the home to detect a fire (heat detectors are used in kitchens to reduce false alarms).

If, you feel you would benefit from having a Lifeline or some telecare equipment installed you should contact our First Response Team or your Social Worker/Care Manager if you already have one.

The First response team will ask you a few questions about your situation and if they feel that your request is appropriate, will escalate your enquiry to a Care Manager.


First Response 
Tel: 01443 425003