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Needs assessment for adults or older people

If you think you need help or support from Social Services you can ask for an assessment.

This may be because you have a physical disability, hearing or sight difficulties, a terminal illness, are developing confusion/dementia, are frail, are an adult at risk of neglect or abuse, have a learning disability, have a mental health problem, leaving hospital or are a carer.

When you have a needs assessment, the assessor will want to explore with you all the difficulties you are facing as well as the ways you currently manage these challenges. They will also want to know what you are hoping to be able to continue to do, or what you would like to be able to achieve.

The assessment will start to consider how your care needs might be met. This could include identifying how preventative services like simple aids (such as devices to open jars and tins more easily), adaptations to your home (such as handrails) or information about support available in the community might meet your need.  It will also identify if you have a higher level of need where you may need help in your own home or care in a care home.

Assessments are carried out by social workers or community care workers and help us to:

  • understand the problems you are facing
  • confirm that you are eligible to receive our support
  • plan, with you, how best to help you to overcome the difficulties you are experiencing

The assessor will also want to know about all the things you are getting help with and who helps you. This is to make sure that we fully understand the difficulties you are currently facing and plan ahead should your care/ support network no longer be able or willing to continue the level of support they are giving you.

The assessment will be carried out in a way that ensures your involvement and that takes the right amount of time to capture all of your needs.

If you have a friend or family member looking after you as an unpaid carer, they can have a carer’s assessment to see if they need support to carry on their caring role.

If you think you or someone you care for needs help, contact our First Response Team. 
If you prefer, a friend, relative, neighbour or professional person, for example a doctor or nurse, can contact us on your behalf.

First Response Team
Tel: 01443 425003


Emergency Out of Office Service provides an emergency response to a social care crisis outside of normal office hours, on bank holidays and at weekends.
Tel: 01443 743665 / 01443 657225