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What can I recycle in the RCT Trade Recycling Scheme?

Most of your trade waste can now be recycled.  This not only helps reduce the carbon footprint but also allows you to make significant financial savings.  

The following items can be recycled with RCT’s weekly trade recycling schemes:

Dry Recycling

Red BagBlue Bag

Plastic Bottles

Plastic Cups

Drinks Cans

Food Tins

Yoghurt Pots

Plastic Sandwich Cases

Waxy Beverage Cartons

Clean Foil



Office Paper


Thin Cardboard

Cereal Boxes

Junk Mail


Food Waste

Food waste from your workplace can be disposed of using RCT’s weekly trade waste food schemes.  The following are examples of the type of waste that can be disposed of under this scheme:

Food Waste (all packaging removed):

Leftover Food

Past Sell-By Date Food

Tea Bags

Egg Shells

Pet Food

Fruit and Vegetable Peelings

Green Waste

Green waste is collected weekly during the Summer season and via a bookings system during the Winter season, from registered customers.  Green waste is collected from green waste sacks.  Register for green waste collections.

Green Waste (no soil or stones)


Hedge Cuttings

Cut Flowers



Trade Glass Collections

The Council are currently unable to collect glass from non-domestic premises.  Whilst glass collections are being reviewed,  trade glass can be disposed of in one of our Community Glass Banks.

Please note that trade recycling must not be placed in domestic recycling bags.  Trade recycling placed in domestic bags may result in enforcement action.