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Trade Recycling and Waste FAQ's

When are the trade waste changes coming into effect?

Welsh Government have confirmed that the change in the regulations will happen on 8th April.

Why are these changes coming in?

The changes are being implemented to stop recycling from being out into the general waste stream.  It is also hoped that the quality of recycling will improve as a result of the ‘separation requirements’.

Who is responsible for following the new regulations?

Any premises that is regarded as ‘non-domestic’, are subject to the new regulations.  Full information on the Welsh Government changes can be seen online.

Will the Council be providing businesses with any new equipment?

From April 2024, non-domestic premises will need to recycle paper, plastics and containers and food.  These streams of waste will need to be separated and presented for collection separately.  RCT has introduced new recycling bags as follows:

Blue Bags – paper and thin cardboard

Red Bags – plastics and containers

Food waste can continue to be recycled as normal in the trade waste food bags.

Where can I purchase the new bags?

Recycling bags can be purchased at an RCT Library.  Larger quantities can also be purchased online.

How much will the recycling bags cost?

The charges for bins and bags can be seen on our website.

Would I be able to swap blue bags that I have already purchased for red bags?

You can continue to use your old blue bags for your paper/cardboard products only.  Plastics and containers will need to be disposed of in the new red bag from April 2024.  You may also swap unopened rolls/packs of old blue bags for red bags.  Please contact us on to arrange swaps.

How will I know what goes in each bag?

There is guidance printed on the bag itself.  There is also additional information about what you can recycle and where on the Council’s website.

Can I purchase my own red and blue bags?

No, only Council issued recycling bags will be collected.

Will there be a change to my collection day?

You will be notified if your collection days change.

I currently put food waste in my residual bin.  How do I sign up for the food waste service?

If you produce more than 5kg of food waste a week (around the size of a small caddy) you will be required to recycle.  You can either purchase trade food waste bags at an RCT Library or larger quantities online.

How do I dispose of items contaminated with food?

If the item is plastic and can be rinsed clean, it should be disposed of in the red recycling bag.  If the item is of a cardboard material such as an ice cream tub, a hot dog tray or a chip cone, these items cannot be rinsed clean.  These items will therefore need to be disposed of in the general waste.  Similarly, cardboard/bamboo cutlery will need to be disposed of in the general waste if contaminated with food.

Will there be a glass recycling collection service offered by the Council?  If not, what do I do with glass for recycling?

The Council are reviewing the collection of glass from non-domestic premises.  Whilst the review takes place, glass should be disposed of at a local glass bank.

How can I reduce the size of my trade waste bin now that I am recycling more of my waste?

You can reduce your bin size at any time by contacting the Council on 

I have no room for extra bins, what can I do?

The space you need overall should not change, particularly if you are able to switch your general waste for recycling.

Can I take waste home and recycle it through our domestic collection?

Unfortunately not.  EPA legislation dictates that trade waste has to be separately paid for.  If you have a Transfer of Waste notice, you may take trade waste home to be collected but this waste will need to be in the correct trade waste bin or bag.  Trade waste will not be collected from domestic bins and bags and this may also result in enforcement action.

  1. Do I need to follow the regulations if I run a business from home?
  2. Any waste produced that is not part of your day to day domestic waste should be disposed of according to the regulations. 
  3. Will there be a charge for cardboard?

Cardboard collections currently remain free for existing recycling customers.  This is however being reviewed and users of the cardboard collection schemes will be notified of any changes accordingly.

What happens if I don’t comply with the regulations?  Will I be fined if I mix up my waste?

If you do not comply with the regulations, you may be subject to enforcement action and this may result in a fine. 

What is the cost of trade waste bins and bags?

The current costs of RCT’s trade waste collections can be seen on our website.

Do I have to have my waste collected by RCT?

No, your trade waste does not have to be collected by RCT. 

Where can I get posters to place around the workplace?

Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru have a portfolio of downloadable/printable resources.  

What is a duty of care transfer note and where can I obtain one?

Any business that produces waste must comply with duty of care requirements.  For any waste removed from your business premises, you must have a duty of care certificate or a waste transfer note (WTN).  If you have your waste collected by RCT, RCT are duty bound to supply you with a duty of care certificate.  You can request your certificate by contacting us on