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Join the Trade Recycling and Waste Scheme

New businesses will need to register their details to start receiving trade recycling and waste collections.

You can purchase Trade Waste and Recycling bags online

Please note: - There is a minimum purchase order online of 1 roll (25 bags per roll)
If you wish to purchase smaller quantities, please visit your nearest One4all centre 

If you use our service we can provide you with wheelie bins for the storage and collection of your black bag waste. If you have no room to store a wheelie bin you have the option to use our trade waste bags (brown).

You will need to ensure you have sufficient capacity (bins or trade waste bags) for your waste. You must be able to close the lid on your bin and we do not collect additional waste.

In addition to our waste collection service we also provide a comprehensive recycling service and a free cardboard service for existing customers. 

View more information on our range of recycling services are available.

If you live in a flat or house attached to your business we will collect your household waste as part of your domestic collection service. However Enforcement action may be taken if business waste is placed out in domestic bins/bags.  Trade waste is not currently accepted at RCT Community Recycling Centres. 

If you chose to use an alternative service you will need to be sure that any private contractor is properly registered and gives you the appropriate documentation. All legitimate waste collection contractors are licensed and registered as waste carriers by the Environment Agency.

To make sure a collection contractor is a registered recycling and refuse carrier you can contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506506 and request an instant Waste Carrier Validation Check.