Help and support for Education Related Costs


View details of school catering, free school meal provision and our primary school breakfast clubs


A scheme available at a number fo schools offering 'Pay As You Feel shops', where people in the local community can get food that has often been donated by supermarkets, local shops or allotment societies.


The Purpose of the Scheme is to provide grant assistance to families on lower incomes for the purchase of a range of school items.


Period products are available for learners in all schools (except infant schools due to the learner’s age), in easily accessible places so that they can be accessed without worry or the need to ask a member of staff.

Three people

The Childcare Offer for Wales provides working parents of three and four year olds with up to 30 hours per week of combined Foundation Phase Nursery (FPN) education and additional funded childcare for up to 48 weeks per year.


Raising children can be costly, but did you know there is financial help for families?


Student Finance Wales is responsible for processing, assessing and paying student finance for all applications.