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Wheelie bin replacement - FAQ's

Why has Rhondda Cynon Taf Council set a charge on new or replacement wheelie bins?

Elected members agreed to start charging for new and replacement 120 litre wheelie bins as part of the 2015/16 budget proposals.  This is reacting to an increased demand for wheelie bins costs that are over and above that of any other waste container provided by the Council.

This will encourage residents to look after their wheelie bin and to retrieve their bin following their bin collection.

How much is a new or replacement wheelie bin?

The up to date charges for a new or replacement wheelie bin can be found on these pages.

What does the charge cover?

The charge is a service charge and covers the administration and a delivery slot for the wheelie bin.

Can I order a 240 litre wheelie bin?

No, the standard size domestic wheelie bin for our Council is a 120 litres receptacle. However, should you struggle with a 120 litre allowance, please contact us at to discuss this further.

How do I pay for my wheelie bin?

You can make the payment when making the replacement wheelie bin booking.

Can I pay in installments?

No, the full amount is required at the time of ordering.

Does the wheelie bin then belong to me?

No, the bin remains the property of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council.

Can I order another wheelie bin if I already have one?

We will only supply and collect one wheelie bin per household.  If we note a 240 litre bin is already on site on delivery, we will remove the 240 litre bin and leave the standard 120 litre bin as ordered.  If we note a 120 litre bin is already on site on delivery and is in good condition, we will not deliver a second bin. 

My wheelie bin has gone in the back of a refuse vehicle; do I still have to pay?

If your bin has gone in the back of the refuse vehicle we will have recorded this and a note left through your door. A new bin may be delivered free of charge pending further investigations, please telephone: 01443 425001.

The collection crews have damaged my wheelie bin, do I have to pay for a replacement?

If we have damaged your bin we will have recorded this and a note left through your door. A new bin will be delivered free of  charge, please telephone: 01443 425001

Can I order replacement parts for my wheelie bin?

We do not currently supply replacement parts for wheelie bins. If you bin is broken or damaged you will need to order replacement.

Can I swap my 240-litre wheelie bin for a 120-litre bin?

Yes – if you want to change from a 240-litre wheelie bin to a 120-litre bin, we will arrange collection and delivery at no cost. Please telephone: 01443 425001 to arrange.

My wheelie bin has gone missing or has been burnt/stolen, do I still have to pay?

We would firstly advice that you check your bin collection point or that your neighbour hasn’t taken yours by mistake before requesting a new one. If your wheelie bin is still not located, you will be charged.

How can I stop my wheelie bin from being stolen?

Mark your wheelie bin clearly with your house name or number. This could be with paint or stickers. Do not place your bin out too early and after collection, retrieve it as early as possible.

Why should I have to pay if my wheelie bin is stolen?

The wheelie bin is provided for your use by the Council and it is therefore your responsibility to ensure it is stored safely.

Can I claim on my house insurance if my bin is stolen?

We cannot advise on this and would therefore recommend you contact your insurance provider.

When will the wheelie bin be delivered?

We will be able to give you a delivery date when ordering.

Will I get a receipt for my payment?

You will be presented with a receipt at the end of the on-line transaction, along with email confirmation if you’ve supplied your email address.

Will I have to sign for delivery of the wheelie bin?

Yes, a signature may be required. If customer is not available on the given delivery date, they may nominate a neighbour to sign on their behalf, or leave alternative delivery arrangements

However, if the customer is not home and has not left alternative arrangements for delivering, we cannot take responsibility if the bin is missing and another bin may need to be purchased.

What do I do with my waste in the meantime?

You may use black bags in accordance with the limits on black bag waste. Please do not fly tip your waste as you will be investigated and possibly prosecuted.

Do I have to have a wheelie bin?

For residents in the Taf and Cynon areas you do not have to use a wheelie bin for black bag waste. Please refer to our policy on black bag waste.

Can I collect my wheelie bin direct from the Council?

Wheelie bins can only be delivered as we do not have the administrative or storage facilities in local depots.

Can I put out wheelie bins not supplied by the Council?

We will only empty Council issued bins. Non-Council issue bins will not be compatible with our mechanical bin lifts and could cause health and safety risks for staff and members of the public.

Can I use a non-Council wheelie bin purely for storage?

Yes, as long as the waste is bagged and the bag/s is put out for collection by 7am on your normal collection day.

I am a Rhondda resident; can I now order a wheelie bin?

No.  Rhondda residents cannot order wheelie bins from the Council.

Can I purchase more than one bin?

No, we will only supply and collect one wheelie bin per household.

I live in a block of flats; do I still have to pay?

We recommend you check the disposal arrangements in the block of flats as many flats will have communal bin collection points. We will not deliver additional wheelie bins where there are communal areas.

If there are no communal areas, you may order a new or replacement wheelie bin and will have to pay.

Why doesn’t my council tax cover the cost of the wheelie bin?

A small amount of your council tax, approximately £1.30 a week, goes towards the collection and disposal of your waste and not for the receptacle from which it is collected. Waste collection is governed by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Section 45 and Section 46.

I have moved address or are due to move; do I still need to pay for a new or replacement wheelie bin?

We advise you leave your wheelie bin at your old address and try to include a wheelie bin as part of  the sale/rental agreement prior to moving in. If a wheelie bin is not present you will have to pay.

I have a self build property; do I need to pay for my wheelie bin?


I have moved into a new house purchased by a developer, do I need to pay for my wheelie bin?

Please check with your developer as the wheelie bin may have been included as part of the sale. If the wheelie bin has not been included, you will have to pay.

Is there a charge on recycling bins?

No, there are no charges for food recycling or nappy recycling bags as households are encouraged to recycle as much possible.

I have paid for a new wheelie bin but my old wheelie bin has turned up, can I have a refund?

No. This is a non-refundable charge, as the charge covers administration and the delivery slot rather than the wheelie bin.

I have ordered a bin but have changed my mind, can I have a refund?

No. This is a non-refundable charge, as the charge covers administration and the delivery slot rather than the wheelie bin.

Will you take my old/broken wheelie bin away when you deliver?

Yes. The old/broken wheelie bin will need to be made available for us to take away.

I have recently purchased a wheelie but it is broken. Do I have to pay for a replacement?

We expect wheelie bins to last a long time particularly now the Council collects this type of waste every three weeks.  We will however treat each case on its own merits and make the appropriate assessments.

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