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Black Bag and Wheeled Bin waste

Your Black Bag or Wheeled Bin is to be used for all day-to-day rubbish that cannot be recycled or composted and is emptied every three weeks.

How much waste can you put out?

There is a limit to the number of standard sized black bags you can put out for your three weekly rubbish collection.

No wheelie bin 3 black bags (standard size)
If you have a small wheeled bin (120l) You can place your bin, plus one standard black bag out for collection 
If you have a large wheeled bin (240l) You can only place your bin out for collection (bin lid MUST close)

Please place all non-recyclable waste into your black bag/wheelie bin waste, this includes animal waste (reptiles, dogs, cats), stoma bags and feeding tubes. 

Did you know? On average over 80% of your household waste is recyclable - visit the recycling pages to find out more.

Please note: If you have 2 wheelie bins this will be regarded as side waste and we will ask you to remove your second bin. If necessary we may remove the second bin. Also, we will not collect black bags that are deemed excessively heavy or large.

What happens if I exceed my allowance?

Any additional waste will not be collected and residents are likely to receive a visit from the Council's Enforcement Officers.

Those residents who choose to repeatedly refuse to recycle or ignore advice and warnings from Enforcement Officers will, as a last resort be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100

You can contact the Council for advice to help you to reduce your black bag waste and increase recycling, alternatively use the search below to identify which bin or bag your waste goes in.

What support is available if I cannot cope with the black bag/wheeled bin limits?

If you are struggling to adhere to the limits due to personal circumstances, you can request an Additional Black Bag Allowance.

Where does the waste go?

Everything you place into this bin is currently taken to Viridor, Trident Park, Cardiff energy from waste facility. 

What can I recycle and where?

Enter your address below and we will tell you how to dispose of the items

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