First Three Years in Practice Support for Social Workers

  • All Newly Qualified Social Workers have access to our comprehensive 'First Year in Practice' programme. This includes a First Year in Practice plan drawn up with the Workforce Development Team and your manager to look at levels of supervision, support and workloads. The plan will be reviewed 6-monthly and then annually as part of Continuous Professional Education and Learning (CPEL).
  • Our Social Workers have access to an extensive training calendar and undertake regular training to support their development. This also includes the four mandatory courses for the Consolidation Programme.
  • Newly Qualified Social Workers will be able to access induction programmes within their teams, as well as monthly development groups run by the Workforce Development Team.
  • Within the first three years of practice, social workers will be funded to complete the Consolidation Programme to enable them to re-register with Social Care Wales. Social Workers can re-claim their Registration fees from RCT as an employer by contacting Human Resources.

Feedback from our Newly Qualified Social Workers

“When I made contact with the team manager at RCT I was greeted with enthusiasm. The interview process was very straight forward, and I felt that there was full transparency from the interviewers in discussing the role and the plans that the authority had for the team. I have been in post as a newly qualified social worker for 4 months and feel that I have been supported by all in the authority and have been made to feel welcome by my team.”

‘As a newly qualified Social Worker RCT Council has been really supportive in helping me to ensure that I am completing all relevant training and qualifications that are required as part of my role’