Leon Marenghi, Graduate Officer - Performance Management

Name: Leon Marenghi

Year Started (Graduate Programme): 2020

Graduate Position: Graduate Officer - Performance Management

Current Position: Performance & Strategic Climate Change Officer

Studied: BSc in Business Management

Describe a typical week as a Graduate Officer?

For a Performance Management Graduate Officer, you need a vast knowledge of local and national policy and strategy, be able to build rapport with services enabling data/information collection to be as robust and simple as possible and to be able to work towards deadlines for work within your job description whilst juggling many other tasks also. So, in short, a typical week is never a typical week! No two days are the same and the role certainly keeps you informed about what is going on locally and nationally in RCT and Wales.

What was the biggest lesson you learnt on the Graduate Programme?

To always be organised and never let pieces of work go too long without being finished. Information is always updating and changing so this can make duplicate work and cause unneeded stress.

How did the Graduate Programme help you to progress to where you are today?

Particularly the Project Management training helped with how to efficiently deliver a project within a timely manner and to stick to project scope. The Performance Management role taught and developed me to be far more organised and driven when completing work and planning for future work. I now find myself being more strategic and taking more of an initiative to get work created, developed, and completed without being asked. 


Leon Marenghi,   Graduate Officer - Performance ManagementLeon-min