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Childcare Provider Grant 2020-2021

Funding has been made available by the Welsh Government to support the childcare sector in RCT in aid to navigate the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing.

The purpose of the grant is to:

A.Support settings that have to undertake a full or partial closure due to positive cases of COVID-19 and following instruction from PHW / TTP.  Applications can be made retrospectively for any full or partial closures from 14th September 2020 onwards. This Grant can be claimed up to maximum of 3 times.

B. Cover increased costs associated with COVID-19, such as additional heating, cleaning or uniform costs or premises related costs due to settings not being able to open or operate at full capacity.

C.  Provide financial support to childcare settings that are experiencing severe financial hardship due to COVID-19 and where no other public funding is available to cover the same costs.

The closing date for applications for all sections is Friday 26th February 2021. The closing date may be brought forward if all available funds have been committed.

Please read the guidance notes  

You can fill in the application form online
There are a several templates attached to this grant, please use these templates where requested in the guidance notes or on the application form.

If you have any queries related to the grants please email

Funded Places - CPG Grant (Word Document)

Resources Funded Items Template - CPG Grant (Word Document)

Childcare grant Income and Expenditure Form 12 months (Excel Document)