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We have a range of services to help create strong families, giving them the chance to access support where needed but, also, to share positive experiences together!

Family Information Service

One-stop-shop for information on childcare, things to do and latest events. There is information on access to work and training and you can also secure details of parenting support and specific advice for children who are disabled or have special needs.
For more information please visit the family information service page.
or Tel: 0800 180 4151
or Email:

High 5 and The Only Way is Sport

Offer free access to those aged 16 and under, as well as parents and carers, during all school holidays. Swim, play football or use the gym. Discover a hidden talent or develop a sporting passion.
For more information please visit your local leisure centre.

Family Support

You may benefit from free school meals and a Clothing Allowance.
More information can be found on the Money Matters page.

Carers and Young Carers

Being in a family means taking care of each other, but when does caring make you a carer? It’s an important job and one you may need support in –even if it is just the chance to meet like-minded carers and make new friends every once in a while.
For more information please view our carers pages.


One of the Council’s most important roles is ensuring that the most vulnerable, including children and older people, are protected from harm and exploitation. If you have been or still are the victim of abuse, or you know someone who you think is being abused please view our help pages for more information on who you should contact. 

View further information if you have concerns about the immediate safety of a child or young person.

Listen In service

Listen In’ is the new service, delivered by CAIS and AVOW, to support the significant role families, friends and carers of veterans play in promoting recovery from problems associated with military service and the transition to civilian life. The Listen In team delivers mental health first aid training and practical support to the families and friends of veterans across Wales.

Further information about Change Step Wales

Services for Young People

Offering a world of free, engaging and enriching things for young people to enjoy. This includes extra-curricular sport and activities as diverse as DJ workshops and circus skills, detached youth workers in communities, youth clubs, weekend discos, Duke of Edinburgh challenges, giving the widest possible opportunities. 
For more information please visit