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Medically Prescribed Dietary Requirement

Does your primary age child have a food allergy/intolerance or a medical condition, which would require them to need a Medically Prescribed Diet?

If so, Catering Services has an online facility where a medically prescribed diet can be requested.

If you need to register your child as having a medically prescribed dietary requirement, then please complete the Form below. You will need to upload medical evidence, from a registered medical practitioner or dietitian, confirming the child’s dietary requirement(s).

Register your child as having a medically prescribed dietary requirement

Secondary School Pupils

Secondary School catering operates on a larger scale than in a primary school setting, and the choice of food on offer is far greater. It is not practical to implement the same medically prescribed dietary procedure that is applied in the primary school setting.

Pupils may need advice on which food items are suitable for consumption and should discuss their dietary needs with the Catering staff, who can check packaging and allergen matrices (for composite dishes). Staff can also provide advice or restrictions on food handling practices, as this may affect the suitability of the product.

Complex cases, which may need additional measures, can be discussed with the Catering Support Officer, where support will be provided.

Please note, Catering Services procures food that is absent of nuts as a declared ingredient. However, even with proactive cross contamination control measures, multiple handling processes in the supply chain do present the potential for trace ingredients to remain present

A residual risk remains that, food provided by RCT Catering Services, ‘may contain traces of nuts and nut derivatives’, and customers who have a nut allergy should consider the risk before purchasing/consuming any food.

We cannot control the food brought into the Dining environment by other customers