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Allotment Green Waste - FAQ's

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Q. Why is the Council making the change?

The Council is seeking to reduce the number of plastic bags it uses in the collection of waste throughout the borough.

Feedback from service providers indicates that the processes of composting green waste can be made more efficient through the removal of the plastic bag and improving the composting process.

Q. Why do allotments need to register?

We now require allotments to register to enable us to manage the rounds more efficiently, improve our communications with societies and prevent missed collections.

Q. I don’t use the service in the winter, but I will need it in the spring/summer?

You can decide when to register for the service.

Please Note: If you consistently fail to put items out for 12 continuous collections (around 29 weeks in winter, 12 weeks in summer), you could be removed from the collection round and will need to register again. 

Q. Will there be any changes to the day my green waste is collected?

  • Your green waste recycling day will stay the same, unless specifically told otherwise (e.g. farms etc).
  • Collections will be weekly in the summer months and follow your recycling day, unless specifically told otherwise (e.g. farms etc).
  • Collections will be fortnightly during the winter months and will follow your black bag/bin collection days, unless specifically told otherwise (e.g. farms etc)

Check your collection day

Please note: Green waste collections are subject to change and could be paused over the festive period. Please check this website and social media channels for updates.

Size comparison between Green Sack and Clear Recycling bagQ. What do the sacks look like / How much waste do they hold?

Green sack of 90 litres (45cm x 45cm x 45cm) - The sacks are equivalent to two and a half clear recycling bags

The sacks have a top handle strap as well as a strap on the side and underneath

They have weighted plastic on the base of the sack.

TOP TIP: You can fold in the sides of the sack and put one handle inside each other (like a criss cross) to make the sacks pull together more closely. 

Q. How do I receive my 2 free sacks or additional sacks?

You can register and order your 2 free Green waste sacks online or via Customer Services on 01443 425001. 

Similarly, additional sacks can also be ordered online or via Customer Services on the number above.

Q. What happens if I don’t register?

If you have not registered your property for green waste collections, we will not collect your green waste.

  • Register here for the Green Waste Collection Scheme

Q. Is there a limit as to how many green waste sacks I can put out?

We will collect unlimited amount of registered green waste sacks.  We would however politely ask for 24 hours’ notice if 10 + sacks are presented to ensure enough resources are allocated.  This can be done by e-mailing us on

Q. Can I still use clear recycling bags?

No and they will not be accepted and should not be placed inside the green sacks.

Q. Can I dispose of my green waste at the Community Recycling Centres?

Green waste can be disposed of at your Community Recycling Centre, but must be tipped loose (plastic bags, boxes etc will need to be disposed of separately).

Q. What happens if the sacks are accidently damaged by the collection crews?

Residents can report lost, damaged or stolen sacks by using our online form

Q. Will lost sacks be replaced?

The Council cannot accept responsibility for lost sacks. Allotments are welcome to mark up their sacks with house numbers etc and we will return the sacks to the bin collection point when empty. 

Q. Will wear and tear of sacks be replaced?

The Council cannot accept responsibility for the wear and tear of green waste sacks.

Q. What does the £3 charge for additional/replacement sacks cover?

The one-off £3 covers the cost of the sack only.  The sack remains the property of RCT Council.  Please note that this charge is non-refundable.

Q. What if my someone takes my sacks?

All sacks are registered to allotment sites. We will not collect any additional sacks that are not registered with us, and we won't collect from allotments that have not registered for the scheme.

We advise all allotments to label their bags.

Q. Will my sacks be returned? 

All collection crews will, where possible return bags as near to and as securely as they can, to minimise any lost/stolen bags.

Q. How do I notify the Council that I no longer need a green waste service?

Please complete the online Green Waste Cancellation form if you no longer need green waste collections.

Q. Can I overfill the sacks?

No, contents including branches should be contained within the body of the sack.

TOP TIP: You can fold in the sides of the sack and put one handle inside each other (like a criss cross) to make the sacks pull together more closely. 

Q. Will you collect hutch waste?

Yes, as long as the waste is not contaminated with non-accepted items.

Q. Will you collect shop bought flowers?

Yes, as long as all plastic, bows etc are removed.

Q. Will you accept clodges (mud blocks)?

No, these will need to be disposed of at the Community Recycling Centres. Green waste sacks will not be collected if they contain clodges.

Q. Will Christmas Trees be recycled using the new sacks?

No. Christmas trees will be collected via a separate booking system normally available throughout January.

Q. What materials will not be collected?

The green waste service will not accept items such as kitchen waste, general waste, soil, clodges, rubble, invasive species e.g. knotweed, wood, logs, thick branches (6+ inches in diameter) or garden ornaments/toys etc.

Q. Will you collect green waste sacks bought from a shop/online store

No. We will only collect green waste sacks that have been issued by the Council.

Q. What if I'm having difficulties using the service?

If you are having difficulties using or accessing the service please email us at or call us on 01443 425001.