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Schools and community groups are invited to take an interactive trip in to the world of recycling and discover how household items are collected from the kerbside, sorted in to waste types and turned in to new items.
The Alun Maddox Visitor Centre was officially opened in September 2019 and aims to showcase how far we have come in terms of recycling and waste management.

The Centre was named ‘The Alun Maddox Visitor Centre’ after the founding member of Amgen Cymru – Alun Maddox MBE. Alun served as a director of the company for 25 years and was one of the driving forces in the evolution of waste recycling infrastructure at Bryn Pica and championed the Council and the Company at every opportunity. Alun was committed to promoting waste education and the development of an education facility at Bryn Pica as far back as 2001.

Visitors to the centre will be given a classroom style lesson to discover some key facts and background about the world of recycling, landfill and overall waste management. This will swiftly move on to the interactive centre, where pupils and community groups can put what they’ve learned in to practice.

The Centre boasts interactive videos, which show how recycling is processed in the County Borough - you can also see how a bottle is recycled, take the interactive quiz, discover what’s in your bin, jump in the interactive ocean, sort recycling along the mini material recovery facility (MRF) and lots more.   

Visits last around one and a half to two hours.

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