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Sixth Form and College Transport Provision

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There is no statutory requirement to provide transport for post 16 learners, however Rhondda Cynon Taf offers a discretionary transport service to 16 to 19 year old learners who meet the eligibility criterion and to which approved 16 to 19 study courses are available.  

To be eligible to receive free transport post 16 learners MUST:   

  • reside within Rhondda Cynon Taf;
  • be over the age of 16 and below the age of 19 at the commencement of the academic year;
  • be attending their catchment or nearest sixth form school / consortium of schools / college campus for their chosen approved full time further education programme of study (find my nearest catchment school);
  • reside two or more miles away from their catchment or nearest sixth form school / college campus. 

No transport will be provided for mainstream learners beyond the second academic year after the end of compulsory education. Where the course continues into subsequent years, the learner will be entirely responsible for arranging and funding their transport needs for continued attendance.

For more detailed information please refer to the Eligibility Flow Chart and for the full sixth form and college transport policy see the Starting Schools Booklet. 

Do I need to apply for sixth form transport?

Learners attending Bryncelynnog, Treorchy or Y Pant Comprehensive School sixth forms will need to complete the College and sixth form application form.

Free transport will be assessed in accordance with the policy. Entitled learners, at these schools, will be issued with an electronic public transport season ticket to use on the local public transport network in your area. It is important when you complete the application form to use the learners email address, all correspondence, including how to download the season ticket app and the issue of the electronic season ticket will be sent to the learner’s email address. 

Where a learner is to attend a different school to access post 16 education, because there is no post 16 provision at their current school, the new school will co-ordinate such transport requests and will make the Integrated Transport Unit aware of their enrolment. This will enable entitlement to free transport to be assessed in accordance with the policy.

Learners who reside in Rhondda Cynon Taf and have attended Cardinal Newman Catholic School and want to attend St David’s Catholic Sixth Form College will be entitled to transport. You must enrol at St David’s Catholic Sixth Form College and complete the college application form.

Learners attending a faith sixth form provision must have a continuous history of attending a voluntary aided (faith) school of a particular religious denomination for transport to be considered. 

There is no statutory requirement to provide transport to voluntary aided (faith) schools. 

Do I need to apply for college transport?

Learners attending a college MUST make an application for college transport each academic year on the Council's website. 

Apply for college transport online:
  • Your application will be assessed within 21 days in accordance with the Council's college transport policy (starting schools booklet link) and you will ONLY be contacted using the email address provided on your application form.  
  • Please check your spam e-mail folder if you have not received a response.
  • Applications made for the next academic year will receive a response by August. 


Other Useful Information

The Welsh Government administers the My Travel Pass scheme which provides discounted travel on public transport for 16-21 year olds across Wales. Further information about the My Travel Pass scheme is available directly from the Welsh Government, as follows:-

Information for public transport services is available from Traveline Cymru, as follows:-

Course information and general college information is available directly from each College:

Further information on public transport services is available directly from the individual operators: