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Pupil behaviour on School/College Transport

What happens if my child misbehaves on school transport?

Occasionally it is necessary for the Council, in conjunction with the School to impose sanctions on pupils who fail to conform to an acceptable standard of behaviour on school transport.

The implications of pupils misbehaving are wide-ranging and include delays to other pupils because the vehicle may have to be taken off the road due to the damage and disruption caused.

What action is taken against my child for any incidents of misbehaviour on school transport?

The Welsh Government has introduced an initiative called the Travel Behaviour Code. This Code encourages safer travel and sets out the standards of behaviour expected of pupils whilst travelling to their school or college. If pupils misbehave whilst travelling on school transport and do not follow the Travel Behaviour Code, action may be taken. Following an investigation the right to transport may be removed for a specified period depending on the severity of the incident.

What happens if my child has to be excluded from school transport?

If it is necessary to exclude a pupil from school transport parents will normally be notified in writing, stating the period and reason for the exclusion. Parents will be required to make alternative transport arrangements during the exclusion period to ensure the pupils continued attendance at school, unless the pupil has also received a school exclusion letter.

If the incident is serious enough to compromise the safety of the vehicle and other pupils who are travelling the exclusion from school transport may be immediate.

What if there has been damage to the bus?

Incidents that have involved damage to the operator‘s vehicle, could result in the operator seeking to recover the cost of the repairs for the damage incurred to the vehicle and in some cases may pursue criminal damage.