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Electric Vehicle Charging

With the declaration of a ‘Climate Emergency’ by Welsh Government, Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council (RCTCBC) is clear that it must play its’ part in taking urgent action to mitigate the risks of Climate Change. 

The Council has recognised the fundamental changes that are needed to the way we all live our lives, and, as such, has committed to becoming a Carbon Neutral Local Authority by the target date of 2030. The ongoing development of an Electric Vehicle charging network across Rhondda Cynon Taf to facilitate the growth in electric vehicles is just one of the many changes the Council has committed to.

The Council has an influential role to play in supporting growth in electric vehicles, including the creation of a supportive policy environment, by encouraging the installation of new charging facilities for electric vehicles, and promoting their benefits to a wider audience.

In 2022, we published our Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy, setting out the Council’s 10 Ambitions which aim to coordinate a County Borough-wide approach to promote and encourage the development of a robust EV charging network in the short, medium, and long term.

In 2023, we published our Electric Vehicle Charging Implementation Plan, providing guidance and advice on best practice to develop a comprehensive EV charging network throughout the Borough including school, visitor, customer, workplace, public and council-owned charging facilities.

The Plan is accompanied by an Action Plan linked to the Council’s Climate Change Strategy. The Action Plan recommends the short term, medium term, and ongoing actions required to assist progress and to signpost the way forward in delivering the 10 Ambitions over the coming years.

Residential On-Street Charging Provision

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council Highway Authority cannot, currently, support the installation of privately owned electric vehicle charge points on, adjacent to, or over, the public highway. In the interests of highway safety and in respect of future maintenance, the Highway Authority are not able to permit the trailing of cables, even with the use of an overlay or recessed grid across a public highway or footpath, or the channelling of cables under the footpath. This is due to public liability issues, including the risk of trip hazards and more complex electrical safety issues at the point of use.

The Council is currently focusing efforts on the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points at a number of public parking locations across the County Borough, close to residential areas.

Public Charging Provision

Working in partnership with the Cardiff Capital Region Transport Authority (CCRTA), the Council has secured funding to install public use 7kw to 22kw fast charging points at 31 car park sites across Rhondda Cynon Taf. The programme forms part of a wider scheme being delivered across the Cardiff Capital Region area of 10 local authorities. It is hoped that the programme will continue to expand over the coming years.

For up-to-date information relating to the progress of installation works, the confirmed site locations and the number of chargers due to be installed, please visit: EV Charging campaigns page.

For further information and FAQs relating to the operation of planned car park EV Charging Points please visit: Connected Kerb - Frequently Asked Questions

View the following documents for further information on Electric Vehicle Charging in RCT and Wales:

For further information please visit our Let’s Talk Electric Vehicle Charging page.

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