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Library fees and charges

On Tuesday 3rd April 2024 library fees and charges will increase.

Many library services are free although some do incur a charge. These are outlined in the table below.

Please note, concessionary groups include:

  • over 60’s

Please Note 

  • Prices for photocopying/ printing shown are for one sided copying/printing only.
  • Double sided copying/printing will incur a double charge, one charge per side of paper.

Fees & charges
Event/serviceCurrent Price 2024
Adult Fines 39p per week(Max £3.00)
Senior Citizens fines 22p per week(Max £1.50)

Membership Cards

£1.44 replacement charge

A4 photocopies

17p per sheet (B/W)

66p Colour 

A3 photocopies

27p per sheet (B/W)

£1.44 Colour 

A4 Computer printout

17p Black and White 

66p Colour

A3 Computer printout

27p Black and White 

£1.44 Colour


£1.44 per sheet to send 

66p per transaction to receive

Adult fiction – book sale


Adult non-fiction – book sale


Children’s / teenage – book sale














Following items under library discretion

6x4 (A6) photograph


7x5 (A5)


10x8 (A4)


16x8 (A3)


Digital copies


Use in book/ newspaper/ journal

B/W £30.82
Colour  £55.44

Use as book jacket / cover

£55.54 b/W
£123.22 Colour

Use in advertising/ sales/ publicity

£55.44 B/W
£123.22 Colour

Use in postcards/ gift items/ greeting cards

£36.96 B/W
£67.73 Colour

Use in packaging e.g. record sleeves/ biscuit tins etc

£36.96 B/W
£67.73 Colour