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Student tenants advice

The aim of the Council is to ensure that all student accommodation meets the relevant standards and requirements, in order to protect the health and safety of its occupants.

As a result, the Council have a dedicated team of officers who deal with all sorts of private rented accommodation, and who will gladly help and assist you should you encounter any problems with your rented property.

This Council operates a licensing scheme which ensures that all accommodation with four or more students/lets meets strict criteria, such as fire precautions and space standards etc.

All 3 let properties are also inspected to ensure that they are to a specific standard.

For more detailed information on the things to look out for when renting a property in the private sector and your rights as a tenant then please see our ‘Student Guide to Rented Accommodation’.

We recommend that students and their parents should try to find licensed accommodation as a first preference.You can find help and advice on the student pad website.

View Guidance for students using gas appliances in rented accommodation

Contact Information

Telephone: 01443 425001
Fax: 01443 425301