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Private renting advice

Persons living in rental properties have the right to reside in homes that are free from significant hazards that could present a risk to their Health & Safety.

Before entering into a contract for any property you should ensure that you have viewed it a number of times and are happy with its condition. If any repair works are required you should insist that these are completed before you sign any Occupation Contract or pay any monies to a landlord or Letting Agent.

If you have any problems with your property after you move in, it is recommended that you liaise with the letting agent and/or landlord to try and resolve the issues amicably in the first instance. If this proves unsuccessful, then you may contact the Public Health Housing Service on 01443 425001 or via email to:  An Officer will make an appointment to inspect the property and if any significant hazards are identified, the Council can require the landlord to carry out the necessary works.  

Due to the high demand for rented housing within RCT, it is important that you work with your landlord, Letting Agent or the Council to try to resolve any issues in your private rented property.   Alternative accommodation is in very short supply and therefore the Council will prioritise working with you and your landlord to keep you in your existing home wherever possible. If you are experiencing issues such as contractual disputes, difficulties in paying your rent or have rent arrears that could place your current home at risk or if you have received a Notice to leave your property then please contact the Council’s Housing Solution’s Service on 01443 495188 or via email to