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Solar Panel Grants

The Council is committed to supporting residents to make their homes more energy efficient to help reduce energy bills whilst also reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change.

To achieve this, the Council is offering a grant to help with the purchase and installation of solar panels.

A solar PV panel also known as photovoltaics (PV) creates electricity by capturing the sun’s energy and converting this into electricity. The cells don’t need direct sunlight to work and can even work on cloudy days. Solar PV panels are usually installed on the roof of your home and will generate your own renewable electricity to help reduce your carbon emissions and save money on your electricity bills.

If you are not sure whether solar PV is suitable to your circumstances or your home then please contact our Housing Energy Officers at Heat & Save who can provide further information.

Further general information on solar PV, their potential savings and ongoing maintenance can be found at

Eligibility Criteria

  • The property must be located with Rhondda Cynon Taf
  • Applicants must be the owner-occupier of the property (applicants do not need to be in receipt of means tested benefits or be under any income or savings threshold)
  • Installers used must be MCS Accredited to be able to access the grant funding. Please note the actual MCS Certificate does not need to be provided at initial application stage. 

What you need to know

Potential applicants who meet the criteria will be considered for grant aid towards the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels, subject to the following conditions:

  • Grant limit is up to 25% towards the total cost of purchase and installation of the solar panels, capped at a maximum £1,000 grant
  • Any additional costs of works above the grant maximum must be met by the home owner (this can be via other assistance such as loans or other grant assistance, subject to eligibility)
  • Any work completed prior to grant approval will not be eligible for grant aid.  Applications will not be paid retrospectively
  • Grant payment for approved applications will only be released upon receipt of a detailed invoice and the grant consent form once works are complete.
  • The MCS Certificate is only issued once works are installed so is not required at point of application, but will need to be provided for any grants approved before any payment will be made.   

How to apply

Check eligibility and apply online

Please note that you will be required to upload the following evidence before applications can be approved

  • Evidence of Ownership (mortgage, deeds of property etc)
  • Quote for Works

If you do not have evidence to support your proof of ownership please contact the Heat & Save Team

Help Finding an Installer

To help you find a suitable installer you can check the list of MCS Accredited Installers for a list of installers in your area.

 The contractor selected is the home-owner’s choice and all contractual relationships are between the property owner and the installer and not the Council

Contact us

Heat and Save Team
Tel: 01443 281136