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Alabama Rot

'Alabama Rot’ is a name commonly used to describe a disease which has been linked to sudden onset kidney failure in dogs. This usually begins as sores or lesions at the bottom of the legs.

Alabama Rot is not a zoonotic disease nor is it notifiable, it doesn`t fall within the remit of APHA or Welsh Government, or indeed the local authority.

In the absence of any official advice or helpline on the subject, below is a link to the British Veterinary Association website which gives some basic advice and contains a further link to a third party veterinary website which offers a more clinical viewpoint.

It appears that very little is known about the causes of the disease and the advice relates to cleaning after dogs have been walked, particularly when they have done so in muddy and wooded areas. The best advice would be not to walk dogs on Llantrisant common as advised on social media by various veterinary surgeries and supported by Llantrisant Town Trust.

Should any resident be concerned about their dog, it is recommended that they seek advice from their local vet.