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RCT Advice to Licensed Premises

  •  All premises licensed for the sale of alcohol on the premises must stop sales by 10pm. This means that all sale of alcohol must stop at 22.00hrs, for restaurants/clubs/pubs there is a 20 minute ‘drink up’ time allowed and  all customers must be out of the premises and doors closed by 22.20hrs. Shops must stop selling alcohol at 22.00hrs.
  • Table service only. As of Thursday 24th September it is not permissible to be served at the bar. People must be sat at their seats and a member of staff will take orders and provide the food or drinks.
  • People cannot meet with members of another household indoors.  Therefore customers can only sit in licensed premises with members of their own household.  The Licensing Department would recommend that businesses ask for ID of each member of a group to ensure that the addresses match and that this requirement is being adhered to on your premises. 2m distancing must be in place for those not from same household.
  • People can no longer form an extended household.  This will effect outdoor seating as the 2m social distancing requirement will now need to be maintained between members of each individual household.  So for example, if you had a group of 4 people each from a different address, there must be 2 metres between each person whilst sat at the table.
  • Do I need to wear a face covering in a pub/club/restaurant. These premises are licensed for customers to eat and drink, therefore there is no legal obligation to wear a face covering within the premises, unless you are within an area where no eating or drinking is allowed. If you walk within the premises i.e. to the toilet, then it is recommended that you wear a face covering.
  • People cannot enter or leave the Borough without a reasonable excuse.  Going for a drink or a meal does not constitute a reasonable excuse.  Therefore you should only be permitting customers into your premises if they reside within the Borough of Rhondda Cynon Taf.  You are fully entitled to request proof of ID upon entry and refuse customers if they do not meet this requirement.
  • Off Licences – shops/supermarkets. 10pm stop of sales of alcohol, even if you have a later licence. The shop can remain open but sales of alcohol must cease at 10pm.
  • Face covering in shops. It is a legal requirement for every person to wear a face covering within a shop. Failure to comply may result in a fine. It is not the responsibility of the staff to enforce this but they can challenge and advise of the rules.