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Access to CCTV images

Access to data captured by the RCT CCTV system must be in compliance with the schemes objectives. Images are held on the system for a period of 31 days pending a formal request.

Data is released to Police and partnership agencies as evidence to support enquiries and court proceedings.  The transfer of data is covered by the information sharing agreement set up between RCT South Wales Police and associated partners.

Individuals are entitled to request access to data however the data (footage) is only released when the information is focused on the individual and only for the specific period that the individual is in focus.

Legal Requests

Access to images under Sch 2, Para 5 of the Data Protection Act 2018 is discretionary and may be authorised if in connection to legal proceedings or defending legal rights.

For example, requests by legal representatives or insurance companies.  Footage is analysed and checks are made to ensure requests are legitimate and a fee applies.

Requests in connection with the prevention and detection of crime.

 Requests may be submitted by prosecuting agencies other than those mentioned in the partnership.  These requests are made under Sch 2, Para 2 of the Data Protection Act and relates to the investigation of criminal offences.

By Court Order

Court may order the release of CCTV images where any of circumstances above do not apply. 

In some cases images may be reveal private information of persons not related to the request. Images may need to be edited, obscured to protect personal information.  This may incur a cost.

For further advice on the release of data please contact the data controller. 

Data Controller - 01443 490111

Email -