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How can I access the funded childcare?

The Offer will begin from the term following your child's third birthday until the September following their fourth birthday (when they start in reception class at school).

Parents can take up the Childcare Offer at any point during this time period, so long as they are eligible to do so.  Parents should be able to access the Offer from whichever point they wish during that term, providing their child was eligible from the beginning of that term, or earlier.  This includes parents who move into RCTCBC or gain employment.

Please note – you will only be eligible from the date stated on the confirmation letter you receive from the Childcare Offer team once your application has been processed.

Can I use more than one childcare provider?
Yes you can use up to TWO registered childcare settings per day in addition to their nursery education setting in any given day.

Can I accrue my hours?
No.  During term time, parents will be provided with a maximum of 30 hours per week of combined nursery education and additional funded childcare.  Parents can choose how much of the additional funded childcare to take up.  Any hours not used in a week will be lost. 

For holiday weeks, parents can use up to a maximum of 30 hours per week of funded childcare.  Any hours not used in a holiday week will be lost.

How will the offer work outside of term time?
The childcare offer will cover up to 48 weeks per year.  Nursery education is available for up to 39 weeks per year; therefore eligible parents will be able to access up to 30 hours of funded childcare for the remaining 9 weeks of the year.  This leaves 4 weeks per year with no funded provision.  Depending on the provider contract, parents may be liable to pay the provider for these weeks.

Eligible children accrue 3 weeks of holiday provision per term from the date that they have been confirmed as eligible.  School holiday weeks are pro-rata, 3 weeks per term, depending on which term your eligibility is confirmed.  Parents can access their school holiday provision whenever they chose.  However, it is the parent’s responsibility to find a provider that offers the provision that best suits their needs.  Holiday weeks are used in week long blocks.  Any hours not used in a holiday week will be lost.

 Please note – all eligible parents are required to re-confirm their eligibility each term.  Instructions on how to do this will be displayed on your dashboard via the national system.  A selection of these parents will also be required to undertake a ‘full’ reconfirmation and upload up to date income evidence and proof of residency.

Appeals Process
If your application for the Childcare Offer is refused and you disagree with this decision, you are able to request a review.  The link here  will tell you what you need to do, and by when