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Physical Disabilities

We work in partnership with other organisations to provide a range of services to help and support adults with physical disabilities, along with the people who provide care for them.  We aim to help those who use our services to live a fulfilling, independent life in their community

We can help with things like:

  • provision of equipment and home alterations that will help with every day tasks 
  • Home Care which provides personal care and assistance with independent living
  • support from our Rehabilitation Teams to help you to return home safely following a stay in hospital or to learn or relearn basic living skills
  • providing disabled car badges, to help with parking
  • Meals on Wheels which is available to people over the age of 60 who would find it difficult to make themselves a cooked lunch,  and also people under the age of 60 who have been assessed as needing this service because of a disability or illness
  • Lifeline, an alarm system that can provide the necessary support or help at the touch of a button 
  • Telecare services that use electronic monitors to ensure that service users are safe in their home environment
  • providing information about moving into a care home or special needs housing if the problems of living at home are too difficult to overcome

How can I get help?

Anyone can ask for our support. You can contact us directly, or, if you prefer, a family member or someone who knows about your situation can contact us on your behalf.

A member of staff may make arrangements to meet you and, where appropriate, the person you care for in order to discuss your circumstances and assess your needs. 

This process will identify any difficulties you are experiencing and will give you an opportunity to discuss how you would like us to support you in overcoming them.

Together, we will draw up a plan that details the help you require in your home environment, in the wider community or in more specialised settings, depending on your circumstances and consider your aims and ambitions.

Nothing will be arranged unless everyone is in agreement with the plan. We can also look at the needs of the people who care for you. This can be done separately, through a carer’s assessment, if they prefer.

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