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Help your community stay safe by stopping for School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrol - Copy

The majority of drivers stop safely when they see a School Crossing Patrol officer raise their ‘STOP’ sign, which indicates that they are about to enter the road and help pupils cross safely. 

However, several ‘fail to stop’ incidents have recently been reported to us, when our officers and the families they are helping have been put at an increased risk.

The most common locations where these incidents have been reported are Gilfach Road near Tonyrefail Community School, and on Broadway in Treforest at Parc Lewis Primary School.

Our School Crossing Patrol officers play a very important role in our communities, by helping young children and families stay safe when walking to and from school each day.

As soon as the sign is raised by officers, even if they have not stepped into the road, the law states that drivers must be prepared to stop.

We’ve enlisted the help of the Council’s Community Wardens and South Wales Police to monitor the two locations named above. The Council’s Enforcement Officers have also attended the site in Tonyrefail to combat illegal parking.

We would kindly like to remind drivers that you are legally obliged to obey the ‘STOP for Children’ sign and be prepared to stop.

When the School Crossing Patrol has entered the road displaying the sign, drivers MUST stop – until everyone has finished crossing the road.

Please help keep your community safe by adhering to these rules. Thanks

Posted on 30/11/2023