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Whistle blowing - Report a concern

If you believe that a worker of the Council could be undertaking anything considered to be a serious wrongdoing then the Council wants to know about it.

Serious wrongdoings may be:

  • An unlawful, corrupt or irregular use of public money or resources.
  • Any conduct that poses a serious risk to public health, safety, the environment or the maintenance of the law.
  • Any criminal offence.
  • Gross negligence or mismanagement by public officials.
Please note: This whistleblowing form is only to be used in relation to a concern about the serious wrongdoing of a council worker. If your concern is relating to an issue with a service provided or a complaint about how a council worker has dealt with you in person or over the telephone, then this should be logged as a complaint. Please see our complaint procedure for further guidance.

Raising an issue

The Council encourages concerns to be raised via our online from. Individuals should include as much information as possible such as relevant dates, incidents and witnesses.

  • We encouraged you to leave contact details as quite often the ability to fully investigate necessitates contact to be made by an investigating officer should they have further questions. Your contact details will not be disclosed to anyone other than the investigating officer.
  • For workers of the Council, the Whistleblowing Policy & Procedures which are present on 'Inform' provide guidance in respect of anonymity and keeping the identity of a Whistleblower confidential.
Report a concern in respect to a Council worker using our online form.