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Saving money on your household bills

The Council is providing a range of support for all residents of RCT, the support is continually being developed so take a look on the RCT website and share the information with family, friends, clients and colleagues.

Did you know... 

  • Within the UK there is £15 billion in unclaimed benefits, are you one of those who may be entitled to support? Don’t assume, check it out by visiting:
    It's quick and easy to do, just have your payslip and household bills information ready!

Managing your Bills 

Everyone is trying to reduce their household bills but sometimes there is so much information on 'what can we do?' it can become overwhelming. Click here to view a guide from Salary Finance which looks at a number of suggestions for managing your bills that you might want to give a go or share the information with those you care and love.

Please note this information is generic and NOT personal advice. 

For personal money support and advice you can visit the Money Helper Service website, or visit your local Citizen's Advice Bureau

The BBC have also published a brillaint, personalised guide to saving money on your cost of living. 

Vivup has a wide range information and advice surrounding dept and the cost of living: Employee Assistance Programme (