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Community Asset Transfer Process

What is a Community Asset Transfer?

In RCT, it involves the transfer of the management of Council buildings and/or land to a “not for personal profit” community organisation, social enterprise or Town and Community Council.  A range of agreements may be available (determined on a case by case basis) which could include:

  • Management Agreement
  • Tenancy At Will
  • Licence
  • Short Term Lease
  • Long Term Lease (RCT Councils default option)

Why can community asset transfers be beneficial for local communities?

Community Asset Transfers mean that the community can own and/or manage facilities that may be surplus to Council need or may otherwise be closed down or disposed of if the Local Authority is unable to fund them any longer.

Community Asset Transfers can support local innovation, community action and  resident led solutions and can enable groups to access funding that public bodies may not be able to. It can be a genuine route to empowering and enabling local communities to shape their local neighbourhoods delivering services and activities which are important to each community.

The aims of a Community Asset Transfer from Rhondda Cynon Taf Council are:

  • To encourage local communities and groups (new or existing) to become empowered and active citizens by delivering services and managing local buildings in their communities.
  • To develop capacity in communities and promote shared use of community buildings through a collaborative approach between public, private, voluntary and community sectors.
  • To safeguard and protect valued local spaces, buildings and services for community use and benefit.
  • To maximise social value i.e. the value of importance that people place on the positive changes they experience in their lives.

Community Asset Transfer Process

CAT Process

If you have an idea or proposal for a Council Building, please contact the RCT Together Team on or contact 01443 425368 or complete the “Expression of Interest” Form. 

Transforming Our Community Assets

We have examples in RCT where groups have transformed and revitalised former Council buildings and spaces and used these assets to deliver services which support people’s health, wellbeing, learning and prosperity.

Groups have worked with funders, public sector teams and voluntary sector support agencies to bring about positive change

Lee Gardens Pool Group

Lee Gardens Pool Group 1

Lee Gardens Pool Group 2

Lee Gardens Pool Group 3

Cynon Valley Museum

Cynon Valley Museum 1
Cynon Valley Museum 2. jpg


Ferndale Hwb

Ferndale Hub 1
Ferndale Hwb 2
Ferndale Hwb 3

The Welsh Government recognises the importance of community assets and has a specific commitment “to work with communities to help maintain local facilities that bring people together, including libraries, museums, green spaces, arts centres and leisure centres, helping communities take ownership of assets in their local area when this is the best option.”