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#RCTNeighbourhoodHeroes - Rebecca Fox and James Parry

Reason for Nomination: Rebecca Fox and James Parry both live on Dyfodwg Street in Treorchy, which is home to quite a number of elderly residents. At the very start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rebecca was concerned that many of her neighbours may become socially isolated by the lockdown rules, so she took it upon herself to set up a street Facebook group in order to pull together support and share ideas.  James became part of the group and together, Rebecca and James have made it their mission to ensure that the residents of Dyfodwg Street feel that they are part of a small community of individuals who can count on each other.

The Facebook group was a big success, with many neighbours joining in and, between the residents of Dyfodwg Street and neighbouring Illtyd Street, the group chat now has around 60-70 members.

James organised for bunting and flags to be put up throughout the street to put a smile on peoples’ faces, with everyone in the street chipping in for the decorations and a number of residents helping to put them up.

Rebecca arranges regular Saturday night ‘Social Distancing Street Bingo’ where residents can play from their own gardens - with some of the elderly residents being unable to get out for the past 13 weeks, it’s been a fantastic way to get people together and keep spirits up.


The bingo has also been a way of raising money for good causes, however, with everybody in the street contributing £2 weekly.  The residents agreed that half of the proceed would be put in to a fund for a street party when the Coronavirus pandemic comes to an end and the other half is being donated to charity and key workers.

So far, funds have been raised for Treorchy Fire Station, Gelli Ambulance Service, Treorchy Boys Club, Ward 1 at Royal Glamorgan Hospital, the local Postman, Refuse and Recycling Collectors.  They say that it’s Dyfodwg Street’s way of saying thank you for helping to keeping people safe.

There have been many other activities arranged to keep spirits up in the community including the surprise banners and a delivery of flowers organised to celebrate 82 year old Joyce’s birthday! 

Rebecca and James really have gone above and beyond to bring a wonderful little community together who have shown amazing support for each other during these very difficult times.