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#RCT Neighbourhood Heroes - Circle of care

Reason for Nomination: Having seen the selfless acts of bravery and kindness of the amazing frontline workers during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic, Natalie Price, Jamie Ireland and Jacqueline Baker  felt that they needed to show their support and let the many other frontline workers who needed recognition for their amazing efforts know that they were behind them every step of the way.

After seeing so many wonderful groups raising money for the NHS, they decided to set up Circle of Care in order to support the local Residential and Nursing Homes who are making huge sacrifices to care for our families and friends. Natalie, Jamie and Jacqueline have personal experience of the wonderful work that the staff at Residential Nursing Homes provide, and decided to set up the Circle of Care group to raise money to treat all residents and staff at RCT’s Care Homes.  Their aim was to return the kindness that they give to their residents and show the staff that “we care because they care.”


To date, Circle of Care have delivered care packages of treats and toiletries to all 36 care homes in RCT.  They also provide live shows and quizzes on their Facebook page to keep the residents and carers’ spirits up. 

Circle of Care are now expanding their focus and treating the staff and residents in Supported Living accommodation and will continue to deliver care packages to as many deserving carers as they can, with the help of the kind donations from the public.