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Stay in touch with the news

Keeping up to date with the developing situation during a severe snow event is very important, and informing others can help you be a ‘good neighbour’.

NewsHere are some important things to bear in mind:

  • Follow the Council’s social media accounts - @RCTCouncil on Twitter and ‘Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’ on Facebook. The Council will provide important information through these accounts, such as weather warnings, road closures, advice for travelling and service updates.
  • A new dedicated hotline - this will be set up for Elected Members, so look out for important advice and information being provided by your Local Councillor during heavy snow.
  • Reputable news outlets will also provide information and advice during periods of heavy snowfall.
  • Pass on information to your neighbours - remember that not all residents use social media or have access to the Internet, so share information you have received from reputable sources from Facebook, Twitter, the Council website or news outlets.

The Council will also update its Bad Weather and Bank Holiday Service Changes page during periods of severe winter weather. This will give important information such as any school closures, changes to bin/recycling collections and road closures, etc.