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The following petitions have been submitted. Petitions displayed here have met the criteria  as agreed by the Democratic Services committee.
Submitted Petitions
TitleDate SubmittedSubmission method (council meeting / consultation / planning)Submitted byOverview of reason for petition No. of signaturesCabinet ResponseAction Taken

Say No to the proposed redevelopment of the former WR Bishop Site

06/07/2022 Residents Residents

To stop the redevelopment of the former WR Bishop site




Traffic Calming Measures on Tyacelyn Road, Penygraig

08/04/2022 Residents in conjunction with Councillor Davies Councillor Davies

To install Traffic Calming Measures on Tyacelyn Road, Penygraig to keep residents safe


Response Received

Based on review of the personal injury collision history for the most of a three-year period, the site will not be ranked as a priority at present due to a other locations which have a greater need.

The concerns regarding speeding will be passed to the police in order that they may consider taking appropriate action however setting up a Community Speed Watch Scheme in Penygraig would be beneficial.

Residents can complete a community concern form on the GoSafe Website; where it will be picked up by GoSafe.

Permit Parking in Grawen Street, Porth 23/03/22 Residents in conjunction with Councillor Williams and Councillor Cox Councillor Williams

As residents we have become increasingly aware of the number of cars in the street, resulting in lots of residents receiving numerous parking tickets.


Response Received

As its name suggests, with some exceptions, residents’ parking removes parking

opportunity for everyone except residents. This can cause difficulty for those who

may rely on family or friends to visit. To overcome this, shared residents parking /

limited waiting can be introduced, however, this option would not address the

concerns raised where parking by non residents is short term or where demand from

residents exceeds the available parking opportunity. Therefore, the introduction of

residents parking may not address the problems raised and would not be considered

at the present time.

Empty properties Porth 23/03/22 Residents in conjunction with Councillor Williams and Councillor Cox Councillor Williams

Empty Properties are allowed to remain eyesores. Discussions have gone on for too long

310 Response Received

The Council continues to discuss opportunities with private property owners in the town to consider accessing such funds. A Town Centre Maintenance Grant has also been implemented to encourage businesses to offer an attractive and tidy presence in the town, which continues to be available to business owners.

Furthermore, with regards to the properties mentioned, I can confirm that the owner of the former Top Ten Bingo Hall was served with a Section 215 (Maintenance of Land) Notice in February which requires numerous improvements to the building.

The Notice has to be complied with by 15th June. A prosecution can be pursued if the works remain outstanding after the compliance date elapses.

Treorchy Traffic Movement and Parking Review 14/03/22 Residents in conjunction with Councillor Webster Councillor Webster

We call on RCT Council to undertake a full comprehensive review of traffic movement and parking in Treorchy in full consultation with residents.

248 Response Recieved

Once committed projects have been completed, we will consider other areas within Rhondda Cynon Taf against the approved eligibility criteria, and these will be assessed in the next financial year. No decision has been made yet regarding the areas to be included however, Treorchy has previously been identified as a possible location for a review of parking and will remain on the list of locations for consideration.

BMX Track Ynysangharad Park 09/03/22 Residents in conjunction with Councillor Powell Councillor Powell

Pontypridd needs such a facility to give all ages the opportunity to release energy and have fun getting fit.

521 Response Recieved will continue to work with our partners to secure further funding as opportunities become available and will include the above requested facilities in any future considerations.
Graigwen Roads and Pavements   09/02/22  Resident in conjunction with Councillor Fychan MS Cllr Fychan on behalf of residents

We, the residents of Graigwen in Pontypridd, are calling on Rhondda Cynon Taf Council to urgently address a number of issues affecting Graigwen. These include:

  1. Speeding:
  2. Pavements
  3. Parking:
  4. Bus service
 150 Response Received A new bus service with smaller vehicles is being introduced on a commercial basis to Graigwen Parc in the near future, which will provide residents access to a service at the top of Graigwen hill.

Berw Road Air Pollution


Resident in conjunction with Councillor Fychan MS

Cllr Fychan on behalf of residents

We, the residents of Berw Road and nearby streets

have to suffer horrendous traffic, air pollution as well as dangerous conditions. We also live in constant fear of flooding. Please listen to our views and improve the safety of our community.
109 Response Received Various Issues Graigwen Roads & Pavements and Air Pollution Berw Road addressed in the attached letter

Petition for Abercynon Road to improve road safety for the street 


Residents in conjunction with Councillor Lewis and Councillor George 

Cllr Lewis and Cllr George on behalf of residents

Introduction of Speed Bumps and relocation of a bus stop  79

Response Received


Cabinet Member Response

Added to the Council’s list of Public Transport Infrastructure Improvement Works for future programming. And, location brought to the attention of the police in order for appropriate action to be considered.

Pedestrian Crossing along Crown Hill

30/06/2021 Resident in conjunction with Councillor James

Cllr James on behalf of resident

To create a public crossing 925 Response received Sent to cabinet Member for response

Change Public Path to a right of way 

19th April 2021 Resident in conjunction with Councillor Caple 

Cllr Caple on behalf of resident 

TO RECOGNISE A PUBLIC PATH AS AN OFFICIAL RIGHT OF WAY  300 Response received Request to include crossing in review process for next financial year

Reduce Speed Limit 


7th October 2020 Council Meeting  Cllr J Brencher on behalf of residents

To lower the speed limit on the Llantrisant Rd. between Pontypridd and Penycoedcae on the section between its junctions with Maendy & Black roads


 106 Response received

Request for the site to be included in the review process for the next financial year 


Community Petition against proposal T2020/191/1 Coedely IF191/JG 

21st October 2020 Council Meeting  Cllr D Owen-Jones on behalf of residents  Community objection in relation to proposal for restrictions and prohibition of waiting at any time on the un-named road between Ely Valley Road and Tylcha Fach terrace due to development at Woodlands ‘Coedely’    120

Response received

To be included in the officer report to be considered by the Group Director, Prosperity, Development And Frontline Services and the Cabinet Member as part of the decision making process on how the scheme is taken