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Domestic Abuse Privacy Notice

How we use your personal information to a deliver Domestic Abuse support service (Oasis Centre)

The Council provides services for local communities and the people who live in them.  Undertaking this work means that we must collect and use information about the people we provide services to and keep a record of those services. Because we collect and use personal information about individuals we must make sure that they know what we intend to do with their information and who it may be shared with.  

We have summarised in this privacy notice some of the key ways in which we use your personal information for Oasis Centre purposes. This information should be read in conjunction with the Council’s corporate privacy notice

1. Who we are, what we do.

 The Oasis Centre


The Oasis Centre provides advice, advocacy, support and safety measures for victims of domestic abuse. The Centre works closely with other appropriate agencies to inform effective safeguarding measures and contributes to local, multi- agency safeguarding forums.

The Oasis Centre also supports the delivery of a Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme for male perpetrators with the aim of effecting behavioural change and reducing abusive behaviour towards victims.


Domestic Abuse is the physical, emotional, financial, sexual or mental abuse of a person by another, with whom they are, or have been in an intimate relationship.

It can include:

  • Physical abuse including slapping, punching, grabbing around the throat and so on
  • Sexual abuse, including sex without consent, and/or in ways that make you feel uncomfortable or having sex to keep the abuser calm
  • Emotional and mental abuse, constant criticism, threats to you and your family, not allowing you money, food, sleep, your freedom
  • Harassment including phone calls, following you, turning up at work, sitting outside your home

 2. What and whose personal information we hold?

We hold information about service users who are referred to us by the Police following a domestic abuse incident, those referred from other agencies such as Health, National Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Company, Children and Adult Social Care, and Housing Services. Service users may also self-refer via the Centre’s Drop In service or by contacting the Centre independently.

The types of information we hold and process will typically include:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Details of any children / vulnerable persons associated with you
  • Details of the perpetrator associated with you
  • Details of the domestic abuse you have experienced and the risk of abuse posed to you
  • Personal details including your address, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, your support needs, housing history and any disabilities

3. Where does the service get my information from?

  • Information provided directly by you when you make a request to access the service

  • South Wales Police

  • The Cwm Taf MARAC (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference) for high risk victims of domestic abuse

  • Partner agencies already providing support to you

4.  What we will do with your personal information? 

To help us identify what support you need and what level of safety measures we can support you to access to keep you safe.

Where there are critical safeguarding concerns or where the level of domestic abuse being experienced is deemed to be high risk we will share your information with other partner agencies to inform further safeguarding measures for you.

To help us manage the services we provide to you and improve the way we provide them.

To help us gain a better understanding of the services we need to provide and how best to meet people individual needs.

5. What is the legal basis for the use of this information?

Data Protection law says that we are allowed to use and share personal information only where we have a proper and lawful reason for doing so.

Our lawful basis for processing this information in order to provide a domestic abuse support service via our Oasis Centre is:

To undertake our official Council duties and to satisfy our legal obligations under the   following legislation:

6.    Does the service share my personal information with any other organisation? 

Yes where consent has been provided or where there is a high risk case, or critical safeguarding concern is present.

  •   Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)
  •   Multi Agency Risk assessment Committee (MARAC)
  •   Women’s Aid
  •   Police
  •   Internal services, e.g. Housing, Social Services
  •   Or any other service / organisation where it is deemed necessary for the individual’s safety

7. How long will my information be kept?

3 years after end of  a service. 

8. Your information, your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives you important rights, including the right to access the personal information services hold about you.

View further details on your information rights and how to exercise them

9.    Contact Us

If you have any concerns or would like to know more about how the service is using your personal information please contact us as below:

In writing to:  Pontypridd Safety Unit, The Oasis Centre,Ty Ashgrove, Upper Church, Street, Pontypridd, CF37 2UF

By telephone : 01443 494190