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How we use your personal information in RCT Schools

This webpage and the privacy notices contained within it are provided by Rhondda Cynon Taf Country Borough Council (RCTCBC) for and on behalf of schools under a data protection service level agreement.

Providing privacy information to individuals

Under Data Protection legislation schools are ‘controllers’ of the personal information (or data) they process.

As controllers, schools must be open, honest and transparent with individuals (such as pupils and parents) about the way they use personal data. One of the ways schools do this is through the publication of a privacy notice.

A privacy notice is a document that seeks to explain and provide information to individuals about how their personal data is used. It includes information relating to;

  • The ‘controller’ of the personal data
  • Who to contact in relation to a data protection matter or concern
  • Details of the Data Protection Officer and how they can be contacted
  • The categories of personal data processed
  • The categories of individuals whose personal data is processed
  • Why the personal data is processed
  • The lawful basis for processing the personal data
  • Who and where the personal data is obtained
  • The categories of organisations the personal data may be shared with
  • How long the personal data is kept
  • Your data protection rights and your right to raise a complaint with the ICO

Each school has published a ‘general’ privacy notice on their website that explains at a high-level how personal data is used. In addition, the following, more detailed privacy notices are provided by RCTCBC for and on behalf of schools relating to specific activities or uses.

ALL Schools Privacy Notice Link                  
Accidents and incidents click here

Additional Learning Needs

click here
Attendance click here
Behaviour and exclusions click here
CCTV click here
Educational visits click here
Insurance claims click here
Learner Progression Assessments click here
Pupil Data Record click here
Safeguarding click here
School based complaints click here
School events & activities (including taking photographs and recording/filming) click here                        
School meals click here
PRIMARY Schools Privacy Notice Link                        
Breakfast club                                                                                     click here
SECONDARY Schools Privacy Notice Link                            
Careers and Work Experience click here
Examinations                                                                                                  click here
Post 16 click here

Further information

Should you have a query regarding a privacy notice or any school related data protection matter, please direct your enquiry to the Data Protection Lead at the School in the first instance.

Click here for the school’s contact information.