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Importation of animals

There are different importation regulations, depending on whether you are importing into the UK or importing into overseas countries.

Importation into the UK

Quarantine regulations are still in force in the UK and it is illegal to contravene these regulations. The importation of pets (including hamsters, gerbils, mice and birds) into the UK is strictly controlled and it is essential that anyone intending to import a pet should obtain the latest information. The Rabies (Importation of Dogs, Cats and Other Animals) Order 1974, as amended, gives powers to destroy animals landed without a pet passport. In addition the Act has powers to fine or imprison owners of animals so it is important that the requirements are met.

Pet Travel Scheme

The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is the system that allows pet animals from certain countries to enter the UK without having to undergo a period of quarantine, providing certain procedures are followed.

It also means that people in the UK can take their pets to other European Union (EU) countries, and return them to the UK.

They can also, having taken their pets to certain non-EU countries, bring them back to the UK without the need to be quarantined.

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