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Treforest Property Accreditation Scheme

The Property Accreditation Scheme (PAS) has been introduced with the objective of raising the quality, amenity and management of the Private Rented Housing Stock in the Treforest area of Rhondda Cynon Taf.

The scheme will also serve to raise the profile of good landlords and recognise the high standard of management they provide.

The PAS is open to landlords and letting agents who are able to engage voluntarily and without charge. Properties will be assessed in accordance with agreed standards and the information will be made available to prospective tenants seeking rented accommodation in the Treforest area.   

Accredited Property List


Properties will be assessed as providing agreed standards of quality and housing management practice according and dependent on the quality and amenity they provide. There will be 4 levels of accreditation to reflect the quality of the property and its compliance with legislative requirements, together with the application of housing management and administrative processes.

Landlords will be supported in the self assessment process and provided with relevant information such as the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (Housing Act 2004) and good practice in the Private Rented Sector in Wales.


The PAS is supported by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, the University of South Wales and representative bodies of the Private Rented Sector, South Wales Police and Fire Services.

The main benefit to landlords will be the recognition of the quality of their property and the housing management they provide, whilst both attracting tenants and competing in a highly competitive rental market.

The PAS Operating Process 

Landlords are able to download a PAS information and application pack, the pack explains the process of assessment together with aspects of good practice and the legislative requirements associated with the

Alternatively the assessment can be completed online here.

Landlords are able to self assess their properties and match them to 1 of the 4 set standards. Where a property is assessed as meeting the basic and intermediate levels of the PAS the landlord will be required to return the completed assessment to the councils Public Health and Protection or Housing Strategy departments for administration.

Where a property has been assessed as complying with the highest standard there will be a requirement to support the assessment by means of an inspection by the Public Health and Protection team before full registration is completed.

Please ensure copies of the following documents are available for viewing at the time of inspection.

  • Gas Safety certificates (All properties)
  • Energy Performance Certificates (Non HMO Licensed)
  • Electrical Safety Certificates (HMO Licensed)
  • Fire Detection System Certificates (HMO Licensed)

The details of accredited properties will be advertised via the councils dedicated website for a period of 2 years at which point a new assessment and confirmation of standard will be required.

Maintaining the Standard

Ensuring the credibility of the RCT Property Accreditation Scheme will be a key element of how the assessment and registration processes are administered.

All of the 4 and 5 star accredited properties will be inspected by the councils Public Health and Protection team prior to being registered and certified;  a quota of 2 and 3 star accredited properties will be inspected on an annual basis to ensure standards are being maintained.              

Standards will be reviewed to comply with changes of legislation and good practice in the Private Rented Sector.

Accredited Properties that are found to be in breach of the standards, to the extent that they would present an identifiable risk of harm to the tenant, will be withdrawn from the RCT Property Accreditation Scheme list of registered properties. Such properties will be ineligible to reapply until the hazards have been rectified and a full inspection undertaken to confirm compliance.

All Accredited properties will be awarded with a Certificate of Accreditation and a reference number which can be displayed in the property or office and in advertisements relating to the let of the property.      

Prospective tenants will be able to access the RCT Property Accreditation Scheme website and confirm whether a particular property is listed and the standard to which it has been assessed or to report a breach in the given standard.  

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"The RLA is supporting RCT and the drive to voluntarily improve standards In HMOs. As an additional incentive to the scheme the RLA will be offering those landlords who have achieved a 5-star rating 25% off RLA membership for a year. Properties must be verified by RCT before the discount applies." Please visit the RLA website for further information.

For further information please contact:

Housing Grants & Strategy

Tel: 01443 281136

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council also seek to support landlords through a landlord forum, for more information please visit our page at