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Change of Tenancy

It is important that you tell us about changes to your tenancies as soon as possible so that we have the correct details. 

Informing us of these changes will allow us to issue you with the correct Council Tax bill and award discounts and exemptions promptly. 

You can inform us of these changes using our online form.

Please be aware we will not usually register tenants for a retrospective period. For us to consider an appeal to register tenants for a past period we will need to see full supporting evidence such as:

  • tenancy agreements,
  • proof of rent paid,
  • utility bills,
  • tenants forwarding address and contact details,
  • employment details,

We may decide that there is insufficient information available to consider registering the tenant for Council Tax and we may bill you for the period in question. This is why it is important to tell us promptly when tenants move in and out.