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Junior Learn to Swimming Lessons

Our Junior Learn to Swim programme runs continuously over 50 weeks of the year with a 2 week break for Christmas. Lessons offer swimming skills and confidence for children aged 4 and over. They also provide excellent opportunities for your child to progress to competitive swimming through clubs and other aquatic disciplines such as Diving, Water Polo, Lifeguarding, Canoeing, Sub Aqua and even Triathlon. 

To supplement our Junior Learn to Swim Program we offer one to one swimming lessons and school holiday crash course swimming lessons, for more information on these products please contact your local leisure centre directly.

How to sign up?

Sign up for our Junior Learn to Swim lessons or contact your local leisure centre.

For further information please email

Please note we no longer operate waiting lists for swimming lessons, places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Tracking your progress

You can track your child’s weekly progress using our portal service. Registration information will be sent out as part of the sign up process.

Certificates and badges

Certificates and badges are available to purchase from the leisure centre for each completed level.

Welsh Language Swimming Lessons

We also offer swimming lessons through the medium of Welsh in partnership with the Urdd, these are available in Llantrisant (Monday) and RSC (Tuesday)


You can access the timetables for our pools that offer swimming lessons here:

You can check availability in swimming lessons here

Please see summary of Waves Outcomes below:

  • Develop confidence in the water
  • Be safe while in the water and when getting in and out of the pool
  • Learn basic floating, sculling and breathing techniques
  • Start to learn frontcrawl, backstroke and either breaststroke or butterfly, with aids if needed
  • Be able to jump into the pool
  • Improve sculling, floating and breathing techniques
  • Glide in the streamlined position
  • Swim short distances of frontcrawl, backstroke and either breaststroke or butterfly, without aids
  • Collect an object from the pool floor
  • Improve sculling and floating
  • Learn how to tread water
  • Learn the Safe Code
  • Swim short distances of all four strokes: frontcrawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, without aids
  • Learn how to do dolphin kicks underwater
  • Learn the HELP position
  • Improve floating and treading water techniques
  • Improve the technique of all four strokes
  • Learn different shaped jumps
  • Learn how to do a forward somersault and a handstand in the water
  • Improve sculling and personal survival techniques
  • Swim longer distances in all four strokes, including a length (25 metres) of your favourite stroke
  • Learn how to warm-up properly for exercise and why
  • Learn  how to do a backward somersault, head first surface dive and sitting dive
  • Improve personal survival techniques, including swimming with clothes on
  • Swim longer distances in all four strokes, concentrating on technique
  • Learn how to do a plunge dive
  • Improve floating, sculling, treading water and rotation skills
  • Swim longer distances in all four strokes and swim an Individual Medley
  • Swim as part of a team in a relay race
  • Swim 25 metres of breaststroke and butterfly
  • Swim 50 metres of backstroke and frontcrawl
  • Improve floating, sculling, treading water and surface dive skills that are used in other aquatic disciplines

On completion of wave 7 children will have the option to either move into a specific aquatic discipline by joining one of our swimming clubs or our rookie lifeguard program or continuing on to wave 8, where they will experience a taster of different aquatic disciplines such as Rookies, Water Polo, Diving and Artistic Swimming.

For more information about Splash and Waves, please visit Swim Wales website (Learn to Swim).