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Aqua Gym

Tonyrefail Leisure Centre is the only centre in Rhondda Cynon Taf to boast an Aqua Gym.

The invigorating gym is fun and effective, using the natural buoyancy of the water to create a zero-impact work out.

It's just as beneficial for those recovering from illness or injury, or managing a disability, as it is for swimmers who want to add a little something to their exercise routine!

Thanks to the Leisure for Life Membership, you can enjoy unlimited access to our pool and Aqua Gym (when open). As you can use your membership at any centre, why not make a trip to Tonyrefail - we have a handy central location and ample parking - to try out the Aqua Gym?

Swim, aqua gym induction and access are all free of charge with your membership.

Else the cost of Aqua Gym is the cost of a swim. Visit our swimming pool page to see our opening times and prices.



  • Provides a zero impact workout that will not strain the weight bearing joints or the back.

  • The resistance of the water ensures that the exerciser does not work beyond his/her capabilities.

  • Increase/maintains bone density.

  • Excellent weight loss potential due to higher energy requirement than similar land based exercises.

  • Hydrostatic pressure (pressure of water on the body) improves blood circulation and helps reduce water retention.

  • Provides a enjoyable variety to land based exercise. 

  • A deep health promoting sleep is often experienced the following night with less muscular pain the following morning.

  • You do not have to get your hair wet.

Contact us to find out more and book an induction.