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Revised LDP Delivery Agreement

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council are required by law to prepare and maintain a Local Development Plan (LDP). The current LDP (2006 – 2021) was adopted in 2011 and was subject to a full Review in 2019. The findings of the associated Review Report concluded that the Council should commence a full Revision of the LDP.

The first key stage of the Revised LDP is to write a Delivery Agreement for its preparation. The Delivery Agreement is split into two key parts:

  • The Timetable for the project management of the Revised LDP, setting out the statutory stages of the plan making process and when we have committed for them to take place. This also determines and evidences the availability of the necessary budgetary and staff resources that are required to prepare the Plan.
  • The Community Involvement Scheme (CIS) then sets out the principles, strategy and mechanisms for early, continuous and broad stakeholder involvement in the preparation of the Revised LDP. The CIS shows how, who, and when the Local Planning Authority will seek the involvement and engagement of these stakeholders. This will include, but certainly not be restricted to, the general public, community groups, commercial developers and public bodies and service providers alike.

A Draft Delivery Agreement (DA) was approved by Council in November 2019, which set out a timetable to begin the process of LDP Revision in June 2020. This was not achievable due to the Coronavirus pandemic. On 29th July 2020, Council approved an amended Revised LDP 2020 - 2030 Delivery Agreement, with a postponed start date of September 2020. It was then subsequently approved by Welsh Government on 14th September 2020, to allow preparation to formally commence. The DA sets out a 3.5 year process to adoption in March 2024, with a plan end date of December 31st 2030, as follows;

Key StageTimescale



Delivery Agreement

Submission to Welsh Government - August  2020

Commence Pre-deposit Preparation

September  2020

Preferred Strategy (Pre-Deposit) Consultation

November/December  2021

Deposit LDP Consultation

October/November 2022



Submit Revised LDP to the Welsh Government

April  2023

Independent Examination

August/September  2023


March 2024

RCT is very much aware that the global COVID-19 pandemic will need to be at the forefront of our minds when preparing the Revised LDP. Accordingly, amendments were made to the original (November 2019) Community Involvement Scheme in this final DA. It now takes into account the known concerns over involvement in, and consultation on, the Revised LDP preparation stages; identifying solutions to these as appropriate. It also acknowledges where further consideration could take place as plan preparation evolves.

This awareness also applies to the Revised LDP preparation process in general. The mid to long-term implications of the pandemic and prospects for our economy and community wellbeing, are still very unclear.  Accordingly, the preparation of an evidence base for the various topic areas in the Revised LDP will need to closely scrutinise the existing and potential evolving effects of the pandemic, as well as devising appropriate solutions and responses.

For further information on the Revised LDP, please contact the Planning Policy Team as below. Due to current restrictions, it would be preferable to receive contact via email, as follows;

The team are normally based at the following address, although currently working from home (September 2020). Communication via post may be subject to an element of delay. 

Planning Policy Team

Floor 2
Sardis House
Sardis Road
Rhondda Cynon Taf
CF37 1DU.

Tel:  01443 281129