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Flood Plan

If you live in an area at risk of flooding, do what you can now to prepare for flooding.

Flooding can happen quickly, giving you little time to act. Being prepared with a comprehensive written Flood Plan for your home and/or business can help ensure you, your family and workforce are safe and damage to property is minimised should the worst happen.

What is a flood plan?

A Flood Plan is a written document that can provide direction should you be impacted by flooding. It involves preparing a list of things you should do (like moving sentimental items to safety) and provides space for you to note down important contact details such as your emergency contacts, utility companies and insurance providers, so you have them to hand should the worst happen.

Personal Flood Plan

To help improve individual and community preparedness and resilience to flooding, the Council have produced a Personal Flood Plan template. Download, print and fill in the Personal Flood Plan. Think about who you could ask for help, or who you could offer help to such as vulnerable friends, family, or neighbours.

You will also need to consider a safe location for any pets. Find out how to keep your pets safe via the RSPCA and Blue Cross.

Business Flood Plan

Ensuring your business has an effective flood plan in place will enable you to respond to a flood more efficiently. You can do this by creating a basic action plan, signing up multiple staff members to receive flood alerts and warnings, and considering your business insurance options.

You can download a Business Flood Plan from Natural Resources Wales here.

Community Flood Plan

If you live in a flood risk area it is good idea to have a community flood plan. This can help the whole community respond quickly, protect vulnerable neighbours, and provide the emergency services with important information.

For more information on creating community flood plans, please visit NRW’s webpage - Natural Resources Wales / Community flood plan

Once complete, you should:

- Keep your Flood Plan somewhere safe and easy to reach in a waterproof folder

- Consider preparing an emergency flood kit. You can download our flood kit checklist.

- Make sure everyone in your household and/or business is familiar with and understand the Flood Plan

- Check your Flood Plan regularly to ensure that it is up to date

You can check your flood risk by visiting NRW’s website to view your flood risk by postcode here or check your flood risk on a map (Flood Risk Assessment Wales Map) here.